five elements essential oil set

Five Element Essential Oil Set

Product Information:

This five element complete blend contains Certified Organic Australian essential oils infused with crystal gems.

These oils are a synergistic blend of Chinese Medicine, 5 elements, essential oils and crystal gems!
Aromatherapy and crystals are one of the best ways to access the power of nature, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety, lift depression, relax the mind and treat certain health conditions.

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Five Element Essential Oil Fire Blend
Five Element Essential Oil Earth Blend
Five Element Essential Oil Metal Blend
Five Element Essential Oil Water Blend

How to Use:

• Use on the face and neck
• Mix into a moisturiser
• Diffuse or spray the air to lift mood, calm, clear energy
• Use on acupuncture points
• Use as a perfume
• Use few drops in a bath
• Use as a massage oil

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