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Welcome to Pearlpureness

Pearl Pureness is the vision and passion of Eli Huang who has a background in beauty therapy and chinese herbal medicine.

She began as a beauty therapist and makeup artist over 15 years ago. Eli also completed her Bachelor of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine 6 years ago. She now owns and runs her own Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and beauty clinic.

As a practitioner and beauty therapist, Eli sees many women and men who have health and beauty concerns. The products currently available on the market have a range of harsh chemicals which include parabens, sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) and fragrances which are not beneficial to the skin or one’s health. Many of the products on the market are also expensive and unsuitable to those with highly sensitive skin so Eli decided to source her own range of natural Australian products. These products are made from top quality Australian ingredients, reasonably priced yet prove effective and gentle on the skin.

Eli also has a range of Five Element Essential Oils which are based on the Chinese Five Elements Theory. The essential oil blends, infused with crystals, are a culmination of Western Essential Oil knowledge and Chinese Five Element Theory which assist in treating a variety of health and beauty concerns.

“Pearl Pureness” conjures an image of skin as radiant, lustrous and pure as a pearl from the ocean.

The Pearl Pureness products encourage people to use natural ingredients, which are free from harsh chemicals, and are effective in treating our main skin concerns. The other focus of Pearl Pureness products are environmental sustainability, animal-friendly and ethically sourced eco-friendly products.